Dizziness and Balance Assessments

Our diagnostic testing labs are state-of-the-art facilities. We have the most technologically advanced test equipment available. Our professionally trained and highly experienced audiology staff also provide the most thorough diagnostic evaluation available today for dizziness and balance impaired patients.

Assessments (diagnosis of various inner ear functions)

  • VNG
  • vHIT
  • oVEMP, cVEMP
  • Balance questionaires

What is a VNG test?

VNG stands for Videonystagmography and it is one of the most common test used to determine the function of the inner ear balance system. The test requires approximately 90 minutes to complete and is painless.


  • Before the test starts, you will be asked to complete a Balance Disorder Questionnaire; your answers are important to help us assess your balance problem.
  • A set of goggles with camera above both eyes will be placed on your face. These cameras are designed to monitor your eye movements in response to different stimuli: visual, body position and stimulation of the inner ear by placement of warm and cool air in the ear canal.
  • Although most people experience some dizziness during the test, the dizziness usually subsides by the completion of the test.
  • It is recommended that a family member accompany you in the day of the test.