Adult Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the number 1 cause of adult disability worldwide. Yet hearing loss is complicated and differs from person to person. At Hearing Partners we understand this need and offer 2 basic treatment plans.


Majority of adult related hearing losses are due to ageing and noise exposure. For these types of hearing loss ,

We offer:
  • Screening Audiometry
  • Ear check up
  • Occupational health screening
  • Hearing aid consultation


For cases that require more in-depth diagnostic tests, we have 3 dedicated centres who work alongside audiologists and ENTs for a full hearing assessment,

We offer:
  • Pure-Tone Audiometry (Basic Hearing Test)
  • Speech discrimination test
  • Otoscopy (Inner ear examination)
  • Tympanometry (Middle ear assessment)
  • OAEs (Otoacoustic Emissions Test - your inner ear workings)
  • ABR, ASSR (Auditory Brainstem Response - how the hearing nerves and brain respond to sounds)
  • EcochG (for diagnosis of Meniere's disease)

In preparation for your visit to the clinic

  • Call the clinic to make an appointment
  • Bring your identification card/ passport
  • Have a family member come together with you
  • Avoid loud places* at least 24 hours before as this can cause a temporary hearing loss.
  • If you have severe ear wax build-up, have your ears cleaned of wax by a GP or ENT.
  • Keep yourself relaxed and comfortable

*‘Loud’ can be determined by having to shout or use a raised voice to communicate at a distance of 1 metre or 3 feet.