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An international survey shows high satisfaction for overall experience with Oticon Chili for both super power users and hearing care professionals. Oticon Chili is easy to fit and easy to get used to.

For most people the possibility of upgrading to something that is “new” or “improved” can be quite appealing. However, people with severe and profound hearing loss often hesitate to change to new hearing solutions because of concerns over the added effort required to adjust to the new hearing instruments.

The results of a newly released international survey signals a positive change in perception and more possibilities for improved communication for people who rely most heavily on their hearing instruments.

Poul got the ability to play music back with Oticon’s Chili hearing aids

A whole new life

“Making music has been such a huge part of my life, and winning back that ability is like a miracle.”

Poul’s story


Living with hearing loss

“As husband and wife, Judy and Eric share life’s challenges and joys. Eric has a severe hearing loss, and this affects everyday life. Read both sides of the coin.”

Judy & Eric