Our Logo



The Hearing Partners’ logo consists of a heart shape with a ear inside the heart. This is a reflection of our motto “We Listen, We Care”. The ear symbolises a dual meaning: that our people genuinely listens to our customers’ needs and that we are in the hearing care business. The heart is a symbol that we genuinely take heart in doing our best to improve the quality of life for all our customers by helping them open the door to a new world of better hearing.

The red colour of the logo symbolises our passion in providing quality hearing care to our customers while the silver colour symbolises “the silver lining behind every cloud”. Our greatest hope is for all our customers to see that having a hearing loss does not equate to the end of the world; that they can continue to lead an active lifestyle through proper management of their hearing loss. We aspire to be the silver lining in this area of their lives. We also want to build up long-lasting relationships with our customers and be their lifelong “Hearing Partners” to help them cope and manage their hearing loss.