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Hearing Partners is a Singapore’s leading hearing care professional. The company offers the highest standards of hearing healthcare in Asia. We are a center of excellence, READ MORE

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The Hearing Partners’ logo consists of a heart shape with a ear inside the heart. This is a reflection of our motto “We Listen, We Care”. The ear symbolises a dual meaning: READMORE

Why Oticon

Oticon understands that society and the people are evolving, the challenge is changing in step with the users. They are no longer need a hearing device only to hear better,READ MORE

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Hearing Partners feels pride of having the most experienced hearing care professionals in Singapore with most number of clinical audiologists in its team.READ MORE

Why Hearing Important ?

People naturally like to connect to one another and to the environment around around them. Hearing is an important medium which helps us in this process.READ MORE

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Our services are the Hearing test or the assessment, Hearing aids prescription and fitting, Hearing aids testing and servicing, Hearing test for the work place.READ MORE

Singapore’s Leading Hearing Loss Prevention Clinic

As one of Asia’s leading hearing care clinics, Hearing Partners has a long track record of providing an exemplary level of care to its Singapore clientele. The ability to hear clearly and accurately is an important communication skill and without it, many people grow to feel isolated and excluded from social activities. Our goal at Hearing Partners is to provide our patients with the best possible hearing care outcomes through the use of regular free hearing tests, hearing aids, and clinical advice from our resident audiologists. The Hearing Partners enterprise is constantly growing and is now includes several locations throughout the city including in Clementi, Lucky Plaza, Orchard Delfi, Parkway, Toa Payoh, Yishun and Ang Mo Kio. Our centres have been commended by clientele and industry professionals alike for the outstanding level of care we provide to Singapore’s aging population, 1 out of 6 of whom will experience hearing loss after the age of 50.


Our hearing aids clinics are located throughout Singapore

Free hearing tests in Ang Mo Kio, Vishun, Clementi, Orchard, Parkway, Toa Payoh and Yishun

The expansion of our business to several locations throughout the city has played an important part in the support we provide for Singapore’s aging population. Our talented team of audiologists and support staff are dedicated to providing advanced care which is both convenient and effective to ensure patients enjoy a higher quality of life well into their old age. The free hearing tests we provide at our clinics represent the latest technology and research so you can be confident that when you attend an appointment at one of our locations, you will receive world class hearing care.


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To learn more about the range of hearing loss prevention services we offer at our locations throughout Singapore, or to book a free heading test, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 6238 8832.